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Many of you have commented on how exciting you find the development of the Zappening mobile App.  We are gratified and humbled by the reaction and your enthusiasm to join us in and support our effort.

You have asked some good and important questions. This FAQ page will start to answer these questions and hopefully give you a deeper understanding of what we’ve done and what we plan to do. Our goal is to keep you informed and motivated to help us realize this revolutionary development of a fast and easy way to find all of your fun and create more great memories with your family and friends on Indiegogo on November 1, 2015.


What was your inspiration for Zappening?

ANSWER: Stress is the biggest killer in this country. One of the best ways to combat that stress is to relax and have fun. The challenge in that has always been finding one single source of information, be it a newspaper, magazine, website, etc that had all of that information in one place. We are both average, fun loving middle class people that work hard and have the same challenges and struggles as the rest of the world. We decided to develop an easier way to find our fun and to be able to bring that resource to everyone else.

Finding your fun shouldn’t be MORE work than we already have in our lives.

What we truly want from Zappening is to be able to make it easier and more convenient for Zappening users to add more value, fun, excitement, joy and memories to their lives. We are passionate about being able to take away some of the normal daily stress and just add as much fun and happiness to people’s every day lives as we can.” – Chris Stayton, CEO/Founder

What platforms will Zappening be available on?

ANSWER: Zappening will be available as a mobile responsive website and will also be available for download as a Mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms.


When will Zappening be available in my area?

ANSWER: Zappening will launch and beta test initially in the Chicago market. Once we’ve proven success here (which we’re confident we will) we will roll it out smartly nationwide over the next few months and let you, the user, choose where we go next!


Why is Zappening funding itself through crowdfunding?

As many of you know, we have chosen the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise the necessary funds to further develop the proof-of-concept for Zappening. Many of you have asked why we didn’t go the more traditional routes like venture capital, selling the company, or finding other investors.

My name is Chris Stayton and I am the CEO and Founder of Zappening. I’d like to answer this question because it’s an important one.

The short answer is this: we chose Indiegogo over other financing options because crowdfunding is the best way to align the needs of our company and its innovative development in mobile entertainment search technology with the interests of those who will be the direct beneficiaries, YOU, the fun-loving, hard-working consumer that just needs and demands an easier to search for and find their fun.

We carefully considered all our options.

We held conversations and went through significant due diligence with various potential funding sources. Institutional investors tend to have a short-term time horizon.  And, at present, they are sadly not particularly enthusiastic supporters of new and revolutionary entertainment search technology.

Crowdfunding was different. 

Until the advent of crowdfunding, consumers who could directly benefit from new and disruptive technology had no say in what was being developed.  With crowdfunding, you, the benefiting consumer can now have a loud voice directly for the first time.

A standard tool in looking at innovation is the optimum risk/reward ratio. Crowdfunding is the right approach and Indiegogo is the right place to achieve that. The financial risk to any individual Zappening contributor is small. The reward is large — easier access to a more fun and enjoyable things to via a really cool breakthrough App like Zappening with no cost at all to the end-user, the consumer for the App.

Zappening’s  inventive new search capability has significant potential long-term benefits for the treatment of tens of millions who suffer from too much stress and a serious lack of fun and entertainment in their lives.  With our Indiegogo campaign launching this fall, you have the chance to help make Zappening a reality for you and all of those that love having a great time and creating memories with.  The future of your fun is in your own hands.

Please join us on Indiegogo to #FundZappening on November 1, 2015.