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Your search for food and entertaiment in Chicago starts here!

Coming 2018!

Finding your food, fun & entertainment should be easy!

If you’re like everyone else – At some point, you’ve tried to find something fun to do or great to eat with friends or family only to come up empty-handed so you ended up at the same old place because you didn’t know where to search for all of those things, haven’t you?

That’s all changed!

At Zappening, everything we believe, everything we are and everything we do is with one goal in mind:
Make it crazy easy for you to find all of your food, fun and entertainment!

We do this by connecting you to the activities, events, venues and restaurants that serve you.

Everyone says that technology is making all of us more idle and less social.

By exploiting that technology via a Mobile App and using it to help you find real life food, fun and entertainment, Zappening forever not redefines, but defines the way you, your friends and family find your food, fun and entertainment to create priceless memories.

Find more fun with Friends & Family!

Just a few great Zappening benefits!

  • ONE source, in the palm of your hand, to find all of your food, music, events and entertainment!
  • Easy-to-use Innovative search functionality will help you find the specific food, entertainment, music and fun things to do that you’re looking for (bands, food or drink specials, family activities, festivals, billiards, karaoke, and more)
  • Find what’s NEAR you with bbuilt-in GPS technology let’s you search based on your current location.
  • The most complete list of bars, restaurants, festivals and seasonal events around Chicago
  • Complete, up-to-date information about current events from the vendors that advertise with us at the locations or venues you choose so never again will you receive outdated, static or irrelevant information.
  • Full venue profiles will include addresses, pictures, amenities specific to that venue and specials (bands, trivia, food/drink specials, and more).
  • Exclusive-to-Zappening-users venue-specific specials and discounts at the places you visit. (Coming soon!)
  • Share event information with your friends via your Social Media (Eventually in app)
  • “Like” your favorite venues, bands, events, etc. for easy finding in the future
  • Get notified of the events you want with Optional Push notifications that let you know about upcoming events specific to your personalized likes (food, bands, events, drink specials, family events, etc.)  (Coming soon!)
  • Create a personalized profile with your favorite food, drinks, amenities, music, bands and venues to give you a unique-to-you personalized experience.
  • Create a social circle and share events or invite friends to venues, events or activities that you like. (Future version)
  • Upload pictures and video to the profiles of your favorite bars, restaurants or venues. (Future version)
  • Get notified of events that friends/connections in your social circle are attending and have the ability to add them to your calendar (Future version)
  • Many, many other unique and helpful features coming in future releases to give you the one resource you need to find all of your food, fun and entertainment, share it with your family and friends and make it a piece of cake to add more fun to your life!